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Lydia's Tune 2014 Musikmesse Warm Up Party

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Lydia's Tune 2014 Musikmesse Warm Up Party Jon's archive https://archive.org/details/LydiasTune2014MusikmesseWarmUpParty Jon Hammond's original composition "Lydia's Tune" written in Paris 1981:Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Joe Bergerguitar, Jon Hammond organ in the world famous jazzkeller - Jon's annual musikmesse Warm Up Party event in the heart of Frankfurt am Main - Jon Hammond Band http://www.HammondCast.com/ special thanks to Frank Pöhl for operating the camera - always on the Tuesday night before musikmesse begins next day - next one will be on Dienstag abend 14 April 2015 - wir sehen uns!

Youtube http://youtu.be/NKAppNYPw50 Blip TV http://blip.tv/jon-hammond/lydia-s-tune-2014-musikmesse-warm-up-party-6784378 Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1jb0tr_lydia-s-tune-2014-musikmesse-warm-up-party_music

The Big Apple - looking good, still chilly here "TONIGHT Snow showers Low: 28"

- Jon Hammond — at Midtown Tunnel Here's the LAN 787 Dreamliner - fly it to Argentina Brasil Chile Colombia Ecuador Perú

Uruguay United States (English) Estados Unidos (Español) México Canada and Europe - Jon Hammond Gina Jazz from Jazz-Foundation America at the microphone making an announcement about our good friend Bob Cunningham as Rudy Lawless makes a change of musicians on the bandstand

- Monday night jazz session at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM on 48th Street - Jon Hammond Flying over the mighty George Washington Bridge earlier today - this is the same air space where Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger made the good call to go for a landing in the Hudson River, all 155 passengers and crew saved, bravo Captain Sullenberger!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sullenberger Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger, III (born January 23, 1951)[1] is a retired airline captain, aviation safety expert and accident investigator, best-selling author, speaker and consultant. Sullenberger was hailed as a national hero in the United States when he successfully executed an emergency water landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River off Manhattan, New York City, after the aircraft had been disabled by striking a flock of Canada geese during its initial climb out of LaGuardia Airport on January 15, 2009. All of the 155 passengers and crew aboard the aircraft survived.

Sullenberger is an international speaker on airline safety[2] and has helped develop new protocols for airline safety. Sullenberger served as the co-chairman of the EAA's Young Eagles youth introduction-to-aviation program from 2009 to 2013.[3] Sullenberger retired from US Airways after 30 years as a commercial pilot on March 3, 2010.[4] In May of the following year, Sullenberger was hired by CBS News as a News Aviation and Safety Expert. Good to see my jazz friends drummer Billy Kaye and bassist Alex Layne on the scene tonight at Local 802 Monday night jazz session - Jon Hammond *note: Billy is the famed drummer from jazz classic "Sugar" by Stanley Turrentine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_(Stanley_Turrentine_album)

Sugar is an album by jazz saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, his first recorded for the CTI Records label following his long association with Blue Note, featuring performances by Turrentine with Freddie Hubbard, George Benson, Ron Carter, and Billy Kaye with Lonnie Liston Smith added on the title track and Butch Cornell and Richard "Pablo" Landrum on the other two tracks on the original release.[1] The CD rerelease added a live version of the title track recorded at the Hollywood Palladium in 1971. Released 1971 Recorded November 1970 (#1-4) Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs July 18, 1971 Well..there's Dr. Seuss "Cat In the Hat" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cat_in_the_Hat and then there's The Cat Hat - and it looks like she might have a cat in her hat also! - Jon Hammond

The Cat in the Hat is a children's book written and illustrated by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss and first published in 1957 Rudy Lawless 'The Sheriff' getting down low on the giant pole in Local 802 with super bad jazz pianist Ellis at the piano - Monday night jazz session at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM

Jon Hammond Actual photograph onstage in the notorious Regina Niteclub Grosse Freiheit (Colibri, Regina und anderen) LINK: http://youtu.be/iGXFB55DdJY

St Pauli Hamburg -- Historical film from Jon Hammond Band archives in Hamburg's Reeperbahn at the notorious Regina Niteclub Grosse Freiheit #4 in the red light district underground music concert just yards away from where The Beatles played nightly - here Jon's original funk composition (improved audio version) "Pocket Funk" http://www.jonhammondband.com/ Special thanks Gideon Schier, Bert Gerecht Hotwire Records, Knut Benzner, NDR Radio - Jon Hammond — at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM Images from Jon Hammond's Late Rent booklet

Jon Hammond Band Flashback! 20 years ago on the gig in Jazz Kneipe Frankfurt -

L to R: Jon Hammond, Giovanni Totò Gulino, Tony Lakatos — with Jon Hammond — at ZOUZOU Lydia, jazzkeller, Jazz Kneipe, Associated Musicians, of Greater New York, Local 802, musikmesse, bossa nova, Hammond Organ, Sk1, Jon Hammond, original composition, Late Rent, Frankfurt, Manhattan