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Frankfurt, Germany -- Rare: Footage inside Jazz Kneipe

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Frankfurt, Germany -- Rare: Footage inside Jazz Kneipe

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Frankfurt, Germany -- Rare: Footage inside Jazz Kneipe

Jazz Kneipe Frankfurt Jon Hammond Band Funky Head Phone

Frankfurt, Germany -- Rare: Footage inside Jazz Kneipe:
"Jon Hammond says: "I played 207 gigs in the famous JAZZ KNEIPE Frankfurt at Berlinerstr. 70 until Regina the boss finally closed the doors and moved to Spain a few years ago, usually in Duo, sometimes as Trio but more often than not as Solo. This was a special occasion because my bandmates from California came over so I had them on the gig with addition of Sgt. Al Wittig of U.S. Air Force on tenor, James Preston of Sons of Champlin band drums, Barry Finnerty gtr., myself Jon Hammond at XB-2 Hammond organ. This was a very special place frequented by all the musicians after there gigs. A 5 hour gig until wee hours of the morning, Live Music 7 days a week in rotation with musicians like Piano George, Izio Gross, Wilson de Oliveira and members of HR Bigband. Regina introduced me to Tony Lakatos the Hungarian tenor saxophonist who I play with still today. The club was not large but it had a great atmosphere and was always a safe place to hang out until as late as 5AM. Sadly the Jazz Kneipe is still shuttered there on Berlinerstr. directly behind the Frankfurter Hof Hotel. All musicians tip their hat when they pass by. There's a lot of music in those walls!"
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