NAMM Memorial Industry Tribute 2019 Jon Hammond Coverage

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: NAMM Memorial Industry Tribute 2019 Jon Hammond Coverage

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My dear friend Andreas Meer master rock photographer sadly passed last year, here's my photo of Andreas on this year's NAMM Industry Tribute Memorial reel:  

NAMM Memorial Industry Tribute 2019 Jon Hammond Coverage


NAMM Show​ Memorial Industry Tribute 2019 Jon Hammond​ coverage - thanks Dan Del Fiorentino​ + NAMM Oral History Team - is there an official list? - JH 
*Note: Music from "Hammond's Bolero" for purposes of copyright, Youtube flagged me for the bagpipe music 2 yrs. ago - Jon Hammond Band​ - songs:
"Soon I will be Free", "Jennifer's Song" (partial) "Six Year Itch"
composed by yours truly Jon Hammond 
**Special Thanks to Mike Mullens​  NAMM Team for list of the deceased on 2019 Industry Tribute  
Vinnie Abbott 1964 2018 x Musician, Product Endorser
José Antonio Abreu 1939 2018 x El Sistema Music Education Program, Founder
Jeff Alexander 1962 2018 x Sennheiser; Neumann USA, Sales and Marketing executive
Rick Alvey 1957 2018 x Mechanicsville Music, Owner
John Amstadter 1948 2018 x Jamm Distributing Inc., Founder
Bob Ashworth 1946 2019 x Lowrey Organ; Regional Sales Manager
Byron Autrey 1924 2018 OH Product Developer, Product Designer, Musician
Bob Bain 1924 2018 OH Studio Musician, Arranger
Marty Balin 1942 2018 x Musician, Songwriter
Bruce Barris 1957 2018 x Audio Professional
Jane Bastien 1936 2018 OH Composer, Piano Teacher
Max Bennett 1928 2018 OH Musician, Composer; Product Endorser
Arne Berg 1930 2018 OH TASCAM, Co-Founder/Chief Product Engineer
Serge Bichon 1935 2018 x BG Franck Bichon, Co-Founder
Ken Bran 1923 2018 x Marshall Amplification, Product Engineer
Robert Bull 1927 2018 OH Steinway and Sons, Past President
Al Bumanis 1953 2018 x AMTA, Director of Communications & Conferences/Music Therapist
Roy Burns 1935 2018 OH Aquarian Drumheads, Founder; Musician
Chris Burroughs 1958 2018 x Rainbow Guitars, Shipper; Musician
Ace Cannon 1934 2018 OH Musician, Product Endorser
Bill Causey 1943 2018 OH The Band House, President
Ndugu Chancler 1951 2018 OH Musician, Product Endorser
Charles Cirbus 1954 2018 x Antonia Rose Fretted Instruments, Founder
Roy Clark 1933 2018 OH Musician, Country Music Hall of Famer
Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater 1935 2018 OH Musician, Product Endorser
Chuck Cooper 1959 2018 x Audio Services Installation, a divison of Mississippi Music, Manager
Mike Cooper 1948 2018 x Meyer Sound, International Sales Director
Jack Costanzo 1919 2018 OH Musician, Mr. Bongo
Hal Cowan 1935 2018 OH Jenkins Music Company, CEO
Lou Curtiss 1939 2018 OH Folk Arts Rare Records, Founder
Joe D'ambrosio 1946 2018 x Buffet Crampon USA, Division Manager
Marvin Dahlgren 1924 2018 x Dahlgren's Drum Shop, Founder, Method Book Author
Dorothy Dunkley 1924 2018 OH Dunkley Music, Co-Founder
Howard Durbin 1925 2018 OH Electro-Voice, Executive Vice President
Mary Jean Edstrom 1923 2018 x Hal Leonard, Wife of Co-Founder Everett 'Leonard' Edstrom
Nokie Edwards 1935 2018 OH Musician, Product Endorser
Mike Ehrhard 1953 2018 x Drum Headquarters, Music Educator
Geoff Emerick 1946 2018 x Audio Engineer
Bob Fisher 1944 2018 x Blues Angel Music, Consultant
DJ Fontana 1931 2018 OH Musician, Product Endorser
Aretha Franklin 1942 2018 x Queen of Soul
C. Darby Fulton 1933 2018 OH Hammond Organ Dealer, Music Retailer
Randy Genet 1948 2018 x Music Sound World, Founder
Bob Giacoletti 1937 2018 OH Giacoletti Music, Co-Founder
Giorgio Giannini 1933 2018 OH Giannini Musical Instruments, Founder
Geoff Gillard 1948 2018 x Managing Director, Boosey and Hawkes
Ron Gist 1943 2018 x Gist Piano Center, Founder and CEO
Patricia Graham-Reim 1964 2018 x Marketing and Business Consultant, Reim; Graham & Associates
Alan Gregory 1939 2018 x Alan Gregory Musical Instruments, Founder
Bonnie Guitar 1923 2019 OH Musician, Record Producer
Moe Haggadone 1953 2018 x Independent Production Manager
Bill Hardin 1933 2018 x Bill Hardin Music, Founder
Mark Harmon 1958 2018 x Independent FOH Sound Engineer
Rae Harris Jr. 1926 2018 x NASMD Volunteer
Eddie Haynes 1933 2018 x Drums & Percussion Specialist and Clinician
James Heidrich 1953 2018 x Bad Cat Amplification, Founder
Glenda Herro 1952 2018 x Hal Leonard, Book Division Manager
Chas Hodges 1943 2018 x Musician, Product Endorser
Gerard Horgan 1964 2018 x Print Room Manager, Zildjian Company
Suzanne Hosea 1949 2018 x Yamaha Music Education, Regional Manager
Lazy Lester Johnson 1933 2018 OH Hohner Inc., Musician
Sue  Jones 1926 2018 OH Museum of Making Music, Docent
Dennis Kager 1943 2018 x Dennis Kager Electronic Design, Founder, "The Amp Guy"
Kurt Kaiser 1934 2018 OH Word Music Publishing, Arranger/Songwriter
Mitsuo Kashara 1927 2018 OH Yamaha Corporation of America, First President
Kazuo Kashio 1929 2018 OH Casio Computer Co.,  Chairman and CEO
Kern Kennedy 1931 2018 OH Sun Studios; Musician
Kato Khandwala 1971 2018 x Record Producer, Songwriter
Ed King 1949 2018 x Musician, Songwriter, Product Endorser
Stan Kitchen 1931 2018 OH Sound Music Company, President and Founder
Gary Krypel 1966 2018 x Columbus McKinnon, Marketing Communications Manager
Beverly  Lance 1949 2018 x C.F. Martin Guitar Co., Repair Dept. 
David Leed 1937 2018 OH Leed Representation, Co-Founder
Steve Likens 1949 2018 x Fields Piano, General Sales Manager
Michael Lipe 1948 2018 OH Lipe Guitars, Founder
Doug MacCallum 1956 2018 x One Systems, Co-Founder & President
Steve Madaio 1948 2019 OH Musician, Product Endorser
Vivian Majeski 1925 2018 OH Music Trades Magazine, Former Vice-President
Ellie Mannette 1927 2018 x Father of the Modern Steel Drum
John Marshall 1927 2018 x Director of Marshall Music
Kooster McAllister 1951 2018 x Record Plant Remote, Founder/Chief Engineer
Vince McBryde 1941 2018 OH Selmer Band Instruments, Vice President
Arnold McLerran 1943 2018 x District Sales Manager, Yorkville Sound
Big Jay McNeely 1927 2018 OH Musician, Songwriter, Product Endorser
Andreas Meer 1950 2018 x Music Industry Photographer
Larry Melero 1968 2018 x Instrument & Amplifier Technician
Bob Metzler 1934 2018 x Audio Precision, Founder
Gotthold Meyer 1923 2018 OH Musik Meyer GmbH, Past President
Michael "Mick" Million 1958 2019 x FOH Engineer
Shirleigh Moog 1936 2018 x Wife of Bob Moog, Author, Record Producer
Susan Morgan 1946 2018 x Morgan Sound, Co-Owner and Vice President
Paul Morris 1952 2018 x PCM Marketing, Founder
Bert Neidhardt 1932 2018 OH German American Trading, President
Nelson Newby 1945 2018 x Central Music, Founder
Nick Nixon 1941 2018 OH Vocalist, Songwriter; Regular NAMM Artist
Geoff Oakley 1931 2018 x Rose Music, Brash Holdings & Steinway London; Director
Masaaki "Mac" Ohmura 1943 2018 x Mac Corporation, Founder and Consultant
Joe Osborn 1937 2018 x Musician, Product Endorser
Alan R. Pearlman 1925 2018 x Founder, Product Engineer, ARP
Nick Peck 1933 2018 OH Pecknel Music, Founder; NAMM Past President
Randy Pratt 1963 2018 x Drums & Percussion Buyer, Musician's Friend/Sweetwater Sound
Georgia R. Prentice, MD 1941 2018 x Prentice Practice Pads, Co-Founder
Bob Raap 1934 2018 x Selmer; Brook Mays, Manager
Liz Reisman 1963 2019 x Creative Music Center, Owner
Herb Remington 1926 2018 OH Remington Steel, Founder, Musician
Jerry Riopelle 1941 2018 x Beamz Interactive, Founder
Scott Rodgers 1958 2018 OH FOH engineer
Bud Ross 1940 2018 OH Kustom Amps, Founder
Seth Rye 1954 2018 x Fletcher Music, Store Manager
Johannes Scherzer 1922 2018 OH Buffet Deutschland GmbH, Trumpet Maker
Sally Schiff 1929 2018 OH All County Music, Co-Founder
Ann Schmid 1944 2018 x Music Workshops Ltd.; Stringalong Weekends, Co-Founder
Will Schmid 1940 2018 x Music Workshops Ltd.; Stringalong Weekends, Co-Founder
Robert Schulein 1942 2018 x Former President, AES
Frank Serafine 1953 2018 x Hollywood Sound Designer
Jack Shallat 1918 2018 OH Buddy Rogers Music, Past Vice President
Jeanine Shea 1958 2018 x Vintage Guitar Magazine, Production Layout and Advertising
Joyce Shelven 1927 2018 OH Gibson Guitar Company, Factory Worker
Fredy Shen 1942 2018 OH Remo Inc., Vice President
Shep Shepherd 1917 2018 OH Musician, Songwriter
Dann Skutt 1953 2018 x Grover/Trophy Music Company, Executive Vice President
Mac Smith 1967 2018 x Steve's Music Store, Drum Expert
Peter B. Smith 1933 2018 OH Edition Con Fuoco, Co-Founder, Composer
Glenn Snoddy 1922 2018 OH Fuzz Tone, Inventor
Russ Solomon 1925 2018 x Tower Records, Founder and CEO
John "Jabo" Starks 1935 2018 x Musician, Product Endorser
Harry Stoneham 1930 2018 x Lowrey Organ London; Product Endorser, Studio Musician
Murray Sunshine 1924 2018 OH Coret Music, Founder
Buzz Tarpley 1933 2018 OH Tarpley Music, Former President
Artur Teller 1926 2018 OH President, Josef Teller Music
Horst Teller 1931 2018 OH Wolfgang Teller Giatarren & Zithern Company, Luthier
Jerry Trestman 1929 2018 OH Trestman Music, Founder
David Van Koevering 1940 2018 OH Marketing Manager, Moog Music
John Vitale 1954 2018 x Bag End Systems and Full Compass, National Sales Manager
Carl Votaw 1943 2018 x Votaw Music and Votaw Tools; Founder
Christian Wächtler 1968 2018 x Thomann Music, Purchase Manager for Guitars
Tom Wheeler 1947 2018 x Author, Guitar Player Magazine, Former Editor
Bari Wilson 1950 2018 x Dean Markley, Executive Vice President
Mary Beth Wilson 1960 2017 x Jantzen Internatinoal, Ltd., Owner
Robert Zadel 1934 2018 OH Conn Organ Company, Director of Marketing

ROY CLARK Interview with Jon Hammond:

Roy Clark Television Interview with Jon Hammond just before Roy appeared on the American Eagle Awards in Nashville Tennessee during Summer NAMM Show - Roy Clark an American Living Legend and long-time member of The Grand Ole Opry and The Country Music Hall of Fame - Roy's wiki Roy Linwood Clark (born April 15, 1933) is an American country music musician and performer. He is best known for hosting Hee Haw, a nationally televised country variety show, from 1969 to 1992. Roy Clark has been an important and influential figure in country music, both as a performer and helping to popularize the genre. During the 1970s, Clark frequently guest-hosted for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and enjoyed a 30-million viewership for Hee Haw. Clark is highly regarded and renowned as a guitarist and banjo player, and is also skilled on classical guitar and several other instruments. Although he has had hit songs as a pop vocalist (e.g., "Yesterday, When I Was Young" and "Thank God and Greyhound") ..

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